Adventures in Live Streaming 360video underwater with consumer cameras

When it comes to communicating from the underwater world, video is #1. Yes, I’ll agree that photos are more readily consumed, just a click, no slow internet lagging, etc… but to really share the experience, video rules supreme. The next step in this, for a more immersive experience is of course 360 “spherical” video. The world of UW 360 video… Read more →

DIY Samsung Gear360 housing

Filmed with Samsung Gear360 in DIY housing. So you want to take your Samsung Gear360 underwater, and if you are like me you have been woefully disappointed by the options for getting these little consumer 360 video cameras underwater.   The Samsung Gear360 does a nice job for topside so i figured what the heck.  (and when i say underwater,… Read more →

Continued adventures in underwater 360 video

It is never ending, and I’m quite sure you my fine readers are either tuning in because your actually curious about pursuing some 360 video creation of your own and want to learn from my mistakes or you simply can’t take your eyes off an impending train wreck (aka things like me fabricating my own interface disks out of acrylic… Read more →

Samsung Gear360 DIY housing cont

Tests tests tests… The proof of the pudding, as the old adage goes… That pretty first gasket? no joy. The most tenuous moment for any housing is the first foot of water, be it Puget Sound on in bucket in the bathtub. Next try (that I knew would likely only work to 10′) was the beautiful orange O-Rings that came… Read more →

Samsung Gear360 Prototype Underwater Housing

OK, so yes, I have been known to be a bit impatient at times, guilty as charged. I’m also a bit of a tinkerer and thanks to OpenROV builds have a very basic understanding of making things with acrylic, which can be a very dangerous combination. On this occasion, my impatience and tinkering found itself focused on making a housing… Read more →

Join me for the Stella Video Light Challenge!

First, a little background. I shoot a number of trade shows annually both local and international. They range in subject matter from New Mobility at IAA (future of smart cities and automotive in Frankfurt) to CES (consumer electronics in Las Vegas) to the Detroit auto show and World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. I’m currently packing up to go work DEMA… Read more →

OpenROV, Seastar Wasting, Citizen Science and DiverLaura on CBS This Morning!!!

Seastar Wasting Syndrome awareness continues to be the gift that keeps on giving! Check out our story on CBS This Morning, with David Lange and Eric Stackpole discussing OpenROV and Citizen Science! Read more →

What’s in my 360VR shooting support kit

So you’ve got the GoPros and the array, and you are absolutely jonesing to use it every chance you possibly can.  Or perhaps a Theta S or Samsung Gear360 or two.   But that is only the beginning, what happens when the cards are full, the batteries are drained and that sunset is just a short drive away and you… Read more →

Underwater 360 video journey, cont.

What a ride the 360 “spherical” video medium has been…  I knew it would be awesome, but at no point did I realize the amazing family / community I would be adopted into by starting down this path. Although I wouldn’t consider myself one of the bleeding edge folks, the insanely early adopters, I was lucky enough to get out… Read more →

Beast grip for iPhone

As usual a bit remiss in my blogging, but I promise, at some point down the road, you my fine reader will reap the benefits of my absence 🙂  Today’s topic, a very quick overview of Beast grip pro universal phone cage/DOF lens mount/accessory attachment device.  Why on earth, with all the beautiful camera systems that I already own, would… Read more →

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