Please sit back, relax and enjoy a few highlights of our beautiful Puget Sound

Here are a few videos I have been a part of, please visit my Vimeo page for additional samples of my work.

Underwater Filmmaker

A short film by Matthew J. Clark created for Puget Sound Starts Here campaign
To learn more about Puget Sound, and Puget Sound Starts here check out
to learn more about producer/film-maker Matthew J. Clark

Wildlife Detectives: Mystery Sharks of Seattle

One of the world’s largest and most elusive predatory sharks, the sixgill, suddenly appears in Seattle’s waters. These creatures typically dwell in darkness several thousands of feet beneath the surface. Little is known about them. What would make them appear in the shallows of Puget Sound? And what does it say about our oceans? Researchers are hunting for answers. Nominated for 4 NW Emmy awards, winner Edgar R Murrow News Documentary

Seastar Wasting Syndrome

Learn more about Sea Star Wasting Syndrome
Mike Kirsch – Correspondant


Toxic Runoff

Vignette from Sound and Vision: A film by Eric Becker
EarthFix conversation: a live chat with Eric Becker, director of Sound and Vision:  A film

Drained: Urban Stormwater Pollution

How we got into such a mess with stormwater by KCTS9/Earthfix Producer Katie Campbell
The Clean Water Act took effect 40 years ago Thursday. In 1972, stormwater pollution was nowhere near a top priority. Today, it’s taken the lead as the top water contaminator. How bad is it? Puget Sound diver Laura James takes us where nobody wants to go — inside a stormwater outfall — to get an upclose look.

Why are starfish dying off the Pacific Coast

Mysterious epidemic devastates starfish population off the Pacific Coast
Up and down the Pacific Coast, starfish are dying by the tens of thousands and no one knows why. Special correspondent Katie Campbell reports from Seattle on how researchers and citizen scientists are investigating the spread of the mysterious and distressing syndrome.  Read full story here.

There are Heroes among us

GIVE BIG on May 6th to support your nonprofit heroes! WWW.SEATTLEFOUNDATION.ORG/GIVEBIG
CREATIVE DIRECTOR | Aaron Straight DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY | Guido Ronge DP of SOCCER SCENES | Aaron Straight GRIPS | Dennis and Chris Hollyfield AUDIO | Brenda Phillips GRAPHIC DESIGN | Koa Kohler EDITOR | Matt McNaghten.

a trifilm original 

Enviroment Watch: Usa Sea star epidemic hits Hood Canal

Gary Chittim dives in Hood Canal to see Sea Star Wasting disease first hand

Love the Earth

On Earth Day 2012, we (Imogen Heap and Thomas Ermacora) invite you to the long awaited online release of the Love the Earth Film and Official studio Soundtrack.
I was lucky enough to have my footage included in this beautiful tribute to the earth. You can see it around 28 minutes in the section “3b flow”. It is a project I am tremendously proud to have been a part of. It was premiered live in Albert Hall in 2010 and the film released on Earth Day 2012.

Love the Earth | our planet, your eyes

Cox Conserves Hero 2012!

Learn more about the Cox Conserves Heroes program

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