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Beneath the Looking Glass, LLC

Laura James is an Emmy award winning cinematographer, field producer & television presenter specializing in documenting the natural world and environmental issues we are facing both above and below the water.  She possesses a gift for communicating these issues combined with a message of hope via solutions in a genuine and caring manner.
Laura has spent considerable time becoming proficient with a number of camera systems and owns the equipment listed here.  This allows testing and set up of equipment before hand which can reduce on-site set up time and minimize ‘surprises’.

Freelance videography production services

For booking information, media inquiries, or if you’d just like to say ‘Hi’, please contact me directly via email.
My rates for production and post production work are dependent on the specific needs of your project, but generally I can accommodate budgets of all shapes and sizes. I run much of my commercial production and post production work through my company, Beneath the Looking Glass, LLC, but also regularly freelance as a director, cinematographer, and editor. Although I am located in Seattle, I often take on projects in many other markets across North America. Thank you for visiting, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Underwater –

Broadcast quality HD video

Sony FS700R in Amphibico Genesis Housing with HD-SDI connectivity for directors monitor and 4k recording. 9.25″ dome port, flat port, extensions for host of lenses.  SAMPLE FOOTAGE
Panasonic GH4 in Nauticam Housing for 4k and high frame rate with dome and flat port.  SAMPLE FOOTAGE
EX1 with Nanoflash in Gates Housing with Fathom super wide dome port SWP44c  SAMPLE FOOTAGE
5DMK2 in Subal Housing, dome and flat ports available SAMPLE FOOTAGE
Halcyon and Light & Motion SOLA lights
Full Face masks with wireless communication
Megalodon CCR (fully closed circuit rebreather)
Pathfinder CCR (light weight fully closed circuit rebreather)
Certification to 330+ feet, mixed gas
NAUI instructor

360 “Spherical Video”

VRPro 6 Gopro Underwater Housing, Hero 4 blacks with modified focus for Virtual Image.
VRPro 3 Gopro Underwater Housing, Backbone Ribcage modified Hero 4 blacks with 220 lenses
Insta360 Pro 2 with Farsight monitor, D-tap aux power available
Gopro Omni with D-tap battery bundle
Z-Cam S1 with D-tap auxiliary power
Z-Cam K1 Pro (professional stereo 180)
Kandao Qoocam8K (Compact 2 camera for Small spaces, underwater and drone)
Vuze Camera with Underwater housing (consumer 3D 360)
Insta360 One X  (compact 2 camera for small spaces, Underwater and Drone)
SGO Mistika &Autopano Video Pro and Giga for stitching
FCPX editing for Mono/stereo 360, stereo180

If you have more intensive 360 project needs, assistance with planning narrative story telling, producers, directors, etc.  I would bring in Panogs, LLC a Portland based VR production company and/or Zoo Break Productions, LLC, a Seattle based production studio.

Land based –

Sony FS700R w/Convergent Design 7Q  (4K and high speed capable)
1 – Sony Zeiss 16-70mm OSS
1 – Metabones adaptor EF to E (for use with Canon lenses)
1 – Metabones speedbooster adaptor EF to E (for use with Canon lenses)
1 – Alphatron EVF-32
Canon C300 w/Atomos Shogun
1 – Canon 16-35mm II L-Series Wide Angle Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 24-70mm L-Series Wide Angle Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 70-200mm L-Series Tele-Photo Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 100-400mm L- Series Tele-Photo Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 100mm Macro Lens
Canon C100 w/ Atomos Ninja Blade
Panasonic GH4  (internal 4K)
7-14 mm lens
12-35mm lens
20mm lens
14mm pancake for flying on small gimbal
60mm macro lens (Olympus)
Sony EX1
Sony VLC-77 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens
Ewa-Marine splash housing for Sony EX1 (for wet surface conditions including boat & Kayak)
Canon 5DMK2 DSLR X 2
1 – Canon Speedlite 580EXII – Hot-Shoe DSLR Camera Flash
1 – Gary Fong Lightsphere (highly recommended for event photography)
2 – Time-Lapse Intervalometer & Self-Timer Remote
1 – Canon 20mm Wide Angle Lens
1 – Canon 16-35mm II L-Series Wide Angle Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 24-70mm L-Series Wide Angle Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 70-200mm L-Series Tele-Photo Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 100-400mm L- Series Tele-Photo Zoom Lens
1 – Canon 100mm Macro Lens
Sony A7s + Atomos Assassin 4K recorder  (ideal for low light shoots)


Movi M10 with upgrades and wireless monitor
Beholder MS-1 pistol grip gimbal for GH4 and A7s (for smooth shots without full vest/arm)
Teleprompter Proprompter with iPad and wired or wireless controls
23″ and 36″ slider
6′ Pro-am Compact crane jib
Glidecam 4000 HD + Smooth Shooter Vest/arm
Redrock Micro Field Cinema kit with Follow Focus and Grip relocator for FS700
Zacuto Recoil V2 Balanced Rig for Canon C100-C300-C500
DJI Phantom 2 + Gopro Hero 3+ with Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal with FPV on 7″ monitor
DJI Phantom + Gopro Hero 3 with Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal
Gopro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 black


3 X wireless lav mic
Sony UTX-B2, URX-P2 UWP Wireless Microphone System
Sennheiser ew 112-p G3 Camera-Mount Wireless Microphone System
2 X Rode shotgun on camera & boom mic
Sennheiser G3 EW100 SKP100 Plug-On Wireless Transmitter
Tascam DR-40 linear PCM digital recorder
2 X Electro-Voice RE-50 omnidirectional handheld reporters mic
Sennheiser MD-46 carotid (directional) handheld reporters mic
Zoom H3 VR  ambisonic 360 microphone/recorder
M-Audio Microtrack II digital recorder


Assorted small on camera LED panels, ring light etc.
600 LED panel X 2 w/batteries or DC
300w Fresnel
6 light Fluorescent studio kit
EEFX Chroma Key greenscreen


MacPro 12 core video editing station with 64GB RAM
Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt and 24tb thunderbolt RAID for fast turn around and onsite video transfer

On-camera talent

If you need a diver or host for an upcoming production, I have extensive on camera experience both above and below water.

My work has received 6 regional emmy nominations (2012, 2013) and two regional Emmy awards

Otters v. Climate Change.

Mysterious epidemic devastates starfish population off the Pacific coast

Email Me for more information.

*PLEASE NOTE* All equipment rental packages include additional required accessories not listed here – please email Laura James & Beneath the Looking Glass, LLC for full rental equipment details, including rates & terms.

Certificate of Insurance (COI) required for all rentals.

Experienced underwater camera operators available, including lighting crew, camera-techs, safety-divers & experienced field-crew.

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