Vertical (3D) Mouse for

yeah yeah… to some of you this is gonna be a case of ‘I told you so’, and I’m 100% ok with that.

As I’ve shifted to more complex 360 and 3D work, I’ve found I’m on the computer even more than before. With general flat editing I’ve never had an issue, but all the very fine grain movements fixing avatar mesh etc started aggravating my thumb/indexfinger pinching arthritis. I know what this is, it’s an aggravation of the arthritis as we get as surgical techs and dental hygienists from repetitive pinching motions working with instruments.

so… Why not trackpad. A ton of you are like ‘trackpad will solve all that ails ya’ (answer: no, no it doesn’t) Ergonomically it still has my hands flat on the desk.

other folks said “just get a Wacom tablet” yeah, tried that too, not ideal and if I need a pencil level precision i have found Astropad with iPad Pro to suffice.

Ergonomically my hand likes to supinate a bit more when relaxed.

I have looked at ‘ergo’ mice in the past, track balls, you name it but I always chickened out and went back to my old standard 2 button Magic Mouse. Again, mostly fine. love LOVE LOVE the swipe ability, especially on timelines.

Enter 3D modeling programs. Enter the need for a third “center” mouse button. AIIIIiiiiiiIIIiiiiIIiiiiii….

OK, back to the mouse drawing board. And to amazon to read like 60000000 reviews. So many ergo mice. Nice to see I’m not the only wuss around.

In my reading and reading, the one that stood out in the reviews was the Logitech MX vertical ergonomic mouse. Adding to the initial good reviews were the negative ones saying “I love this mouse by my big meat hooks find the buttons a bit too close together, it is probably great for someone with smaller hands”. <ears perk up> I have tiny little hands… perhaps THIS is the mouse for me!

Fast forward to a quick round on eBay and voila! Re-homed a Logi MX and I could not be happier. With first grasp my hand let out a giant sigh of relief. The buttons are perfect, the middle mouse button/wheel is excellent. It just works exactly as advertised on the tin.

I still miss the timeline and page/window swiping from the Magic Mouse but since I’m going to be training my brain to be a 2 handed user via Space Pilot for 3D work the easiest solution was plop my existing trackpad or Magic Mouse on the left side and voila! ergo on for the achy right hand, swiping for the left.

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