Crosseyes and ‘you’re a dev now’?

Suck it up buttercup, you’re in dev space now…. ?????? “Well you said you wanted to learn unity and working in unity changes your category. you are no longer a mere 360 shooter and video editor, you are a dev.” When the tutorials are for older builds or the newest build introduces a whole host of bugs I have ZERO… Read more →

Vertical (3D) Mouse for

yeah yeah… to some of you this is gonna be a case of ‘I told you so’, and I’m 100% ok with that. As I’ve shifted to more complex 360 and 3D work, I’ve found I’m on the computer even more than before. With general flat editing I’ve never had an issue, but all the very fine grain movements fixing… Read more →

Camera foibles, C100, Data import utility

Once in a while, even though I’m mostly competent, I mess up. This time the learning that occurred might help “the rest of you” as well. I’m taking a moment to write this up because it has to do with legacy hardware that I’m 100% sure a number of people are still shooting with (I can’t be the only poor… Read more →

Stereo180 Underwater: a return to our roots with an added bonus

The idea of stereo180 for the underwater world could be considered a bit counterintuitive. The whole discussion of 360 video for the a truly immersive experience would lead the causal observer to question the logic of cutting your sphere in half, because, isn’t it the full sphere that gives you that “as close as possible to diving without getting wet”… Read more →

shooting better footage with your new consumer underwater 360 camera part 1

Life is an iterative process, and filmmaking at any level is a microcosms of life in general.   My latest example of ‘live and learn’ has been my continued learning with regards to the Insta360 One X. (Previous review here)  I stand by my statement of this system being the best consumer underwater 360 kit currently available in it’s price… Read more →

Insta360 One X + Dive Housing

TL:DR – Insta360 One X in their purpose built dive housing is a great option for consumer underwater 360. Yes the housing base is hugely visible in the nadir, but even so I’d consider it the best consumer grade offering on the market at the time of writing. Generally speaking I’m not the biggest ‘early adopter’. This may seem counterintuitive… Read more →

OrcATorch D900V

I recently had the opportunity to dive and film with the OrcaTorch D900V underwater dive light. This dive light has 3 colors, a bright white setting with wide beam for videos and photos, Red for sneaking up on your favorite subjects and blue for capturing. UV fluorescence Build quality on this light is solid. With a depth rating of 150m… Read more →

The more things change

The more things change, the more they stay the same. One of the first groups in filmmaking to push back on 360 video happened to be directors.  Filmmakers who  pride themselves on being able to tell exquisite visual stories and do not want the audience messing it up by looking around.  We (the evangelists) pooh pooh’d this and said “if… Read more →

Controlling multiple Samsung GearVR headsets

The HMD (Head Mounted Display example: GearVR) has long been a conundrum for people like me.  I want to do gear demos, i want to share 360 video with more people, but handing a bunch of headsets (phone based or stand alone) to the un-initated can get a bit chaotic. Generally speaking there are a few ways to handle this… Read more →

Sync is King

Sync is King It does not matter if you are shooting with 2 Kodak Pixpros, 4 Sony A7s2’s or 30 GoPro’s when it  comes to stitching said footage, your experience and output will be marginal at best if you can’t achieve sync. Let me back up a moment. What do I mean by sync?  If you are not using a… Read more →

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