Camera foibles, C100, Data import utility

Once in a while, even though I’m mostly competent, I mess up. This time the learning that occurred might help “the rest of you” as well. I’m taking a moment to write this up because it has to do with legacy hardware that I’m 100% sure a number of people are still shooting with (I can’t be the only poor bugger)

Todays adventure was caused by the ever ominous state change on the same card. I kinda knew that the time if I switched from 60i to 24p it would not be happy, but also part of my brain thought we were past that.

Part of the issue may be the cards, the Sandisk 128g 95mbps cards have been notoriously sketchy in all my cameras except the K1 pro, Zcam S1, and Panasonic GH4. Everything else will be hit miss if it can even initialize. *sigh*

Anyhow, I did it, I was silly and changed the settings. I did not reformat the card like perhaps I should have. Partially because it was b-camera and not 100% necessary for the shoot and partially because I trusted my ability to troubleshot whatever nonsense I got myself into.

yeah. plugged card into card reader and got the dreaded ‘this card cannot be read, would you like to initialize’. AIIII! Fark!

I know I’ve had this happen before with the C300, but never with the C100’s. With C300 I just plug camera in and would sort itself out. The C100 was proving to be a bit more of a challenge so… Off to find the Legacy Data Import Utility.

The first attempt took me to a challenging all Japanese language site, with a confusing to me English translation, but luckily for you, I went back to the drawing board and found this awesome site: Pixela

you’ll need the serial number of your C100 (its on the bottom) and boom! Download.

Now, when you start using it, you might find that it isn’t ‘connecting’ to your camera, even though the camera thinks it’s connected.

I put my camera in media mode, selected Card Reader mode

selected ‘all clips’, gave it a destination and hit import.

and YAY!!! problem solved. Its slow but it found the clips and is now happily importing.

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