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High Sierra headaches

As of December 25, 2017, my recommendation is this: Do not update to High Sierra, even on ‘approved’ legacy systems it can wreak endless amounts of near catastrophic issues (or catastrophic if you have no background in computer support and/or don’t backup your system regularly) that can and will slurp up hours of your time just trying to get your… Read more →

Kodak Pixpro Orbit in Mexico

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to head to Baja for work. Due to my penchant for testing out gear and constantly trying new things so that I can find the best entry level kit for a project that we are hoping to kick off shortly (stay tuned, I promise it will be pure awesomeness) I’ve been using the Kodak… Read more →

My Dad and Pokemon Go!

I always say my dad is 80-something years young.  He’s amazing, brilliant, wicked quick wit and always intensely curious and interested in the world around him, be it technology, people, current events, you name it!  To help him feel involved and part of what I’m doing, I regularly share whatever it is I’m up to, be it learning to shoot… Read more →

Of jet lag and fog horns

It is 7:30am, I sit here, sipping coffee from my favorite Batman mug.  I have been awake for some time now, to those of you who know, me I can see you reaching for the phone to call X files because some alien must have kidnapped me and has left a doppleganger in my place to gather information.  Put the… Read more →

Hello honey badger

Have you ever just wanted to throw your hands in the air and just say “no more comments on my FB posts”? Well, if that is the case, this nice gentleman has a quick way to allow this magical thing to occur until FB allows “no comment” in privacy. The only downside is that he makes you sign up with… Read more →

Wen scuba and hair collide

Hair.  Scuba. Long, short, long, short… It has been a cycle since I started diving back in 1990.  A orbit if you will that rotates around scuba diving.     1993 – long, 1995 – short, 2009 – long again, 2014 – short again… Sea, Salt, Sun, latex neck seals, highlights, coloring the grey… It all takes a toll, but… Read more →

Trashing Puget Sound: Downtown Field Trip

This garbage pile and the litter strewn across several blocks of downtown Seattle was brought to my attention by a concerned citizen who feels his voice isn’t really being heard. He has written emails and letters to the DOT and municipalities trying to understand who is responsible for cleaning up this mess. Blame is placed on the homeless, but that… Read more →

Simple tricks for better beach audio

Sound will make or break your video.  Period.  You can be a rockstar with a camera, insanely articulate, artistic and technically talented, but if your audio sucks, it will make your video pretty much unwatchable or at very least incredibly irritating and distract from the message. First off, I’ll precede this by saying there are many ways to skin the… Read more →

MSNBC Seastar wasting syndrome

Ah drat, I really meant to get a teaser post written before the MSNBC seastar story went live but,  that’s life I guess when you are a bit too busy playing dress up in Duwamish trash on the weekends. A month or so ago my dear friend (and the producer of our Emmy winning documentary on Sea Otters vs Climate… Read more →

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