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Working backwards

The summer has been a bit of a chaos in stasis.   Working on filming projects both my own and others.   Giving presentations, shooting, completing a class, applying for grants, managing grants, finishing grant work, driving all over the state…  The list seems to go on and on.   It has been a bit of head down, barreling forward… Read more →


Let’s just call it a selective-lazy-streak. I have been blogging on and off now for at over a decade, although I prefer to call it more my Daily Minutia, than a blog per se. minutiae |məˈn(y)o͞oSHēˌē, -SHēˌī | (also minutia |-SHēˌə, -SHə| ) pl. noun the small, precise, or trivial details of something: the minutiae of everyday life. It waxes and wanes depending mostly on if I’m feeling busy or open or… Read more →

The Ocean friend

Even when she was very small, she knew…. Where most small children might be frightened by their mother sliding under the waves in a black rubber suit and steely tank, she was not… It made her happy… It meant time… time on the shore…. he was always there with her, and with him she was always safe, never lonely…  he’d… Read more →

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