Let’s just call it a selective-lazy-streak.

I have been blogging on and off now for at over a decade, although I prefer to call it more my Daily Minutia, than a blog per se.

minutiae |məˈn(y)o͞oSHēˌē-SHēˌī (also minutia |-SHēˌə-SHə) pl. noun the small, precise, or trivial details of something: the minutiae of everyday life.

It waxes and wanes depending mostly on if I’m feeling busy or open or tired or insecure.

Other times it is because I waffle about the sharing in general, and what it means or doesn’t mean.   Would I prefer people to learn me, the me I am in the present tense?  The me that is an amalgam of the days that came before, and not the me, frozen in tiny somewhat superficial snapshots.   My feelings on that subject depend highly on the day/week/month/and which way the wind is blowing.

This article by Eric Leuthardt is a good read on the subject of letting the past be the past, and how the internet is changing that.

Back to my blog.

I think the first rendition is likely lost in the swirling winds of the inter-web.   In theory I imported it by post and archived it locally (for when i decided on a new blogging platform) but goodness only knows where it wandered off to.  The second round was done on iWeb, which also went by the wayside and as you can see, now i’ve taken matter into my own hands for the most part.

Where does this laziness I mention come in you may be wondering about now…

I’m too lazy to figure out a good export/import too to make transferring my iWeb archive to a wordpress compatible format.  None of it is good enough to bother manually transferring.   So here is the current answer…  The original diverlaura page will stay active for a while longer (much to the glee of any inter-web stalkers since it has an extraordinary amount of semi-personal info on it) and I’ll just park a link here so it is ‘findable’.

Without further adieu, Daily Minutia v2.0

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