Behind the Scenes

The more things change

The more things change, the more they stay the same. One of the first groups in filmmaking to push back on 360 video happened to be directors.  Filmmakers who  pride themselves on being able to tell exquisite visual stories and do not want the audience messing it up by looking around.  We (the evangelists) pooh pooh’d this and said “if… Read more →

Kodak Pixpro Orbit in Mexico

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to head to Baja for work. Due to my penchant for testing out gear and constantly trying new things so that I can find the best entry level kit for a project that we are hoping to kick off shortly (stay tuned, I promise it will be pure awesomeness) I’ve been using the Kodak… Read more →

Join me for the Stella Video Light Challenge!

First, a little background. I shoot a number of trade shows annually both local and international. They range in subject matter from New Mobility at IAA (future of smart cities and automotive in Frankfurt) to CES (consumer electronics in Las Vegas) to the Detroit auto show and World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. I’m currently packing up to go work DEMA… Read more →

Simple tricks for better beach audio

Sound will make or break your video.  Period.  You can be a rockstar with a camera, insanely articulate, artistic and technically talented, but if your audio sucks, it will make your video pretty much unwatchable or at very least incredibly irritating and distract from the message. First off, I’ll precede this by saying there are many ways to skin the… Read more →

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