My 360 Journey #2

Next bit of learning… The only way to shoot more professional 360 video UNDERWATER with a pile of GoPro’s (six to be exact) is to make sure you get versions that have Protune option in setup. The ability to manually set exposure and color so that it does NOT auto correct is key to a good stitch. Don’t let anyone… Read more →

My 360VR Journey

Last year, in addition to all my other video shenanigans, I became a bit obsessed with VR and utilizing it to tell a more immersive story about the underwater world of our precious Emerald Sea. There were some hold ups, though, technology is still kind of on the bleeding edge, both from a content production aspect and a consuming point… Read more →

Trashing Puget Sound: Downtown Field Trip

This garbage pile and the litter strewn across several blocks of downtown Seattle was brought to my attention by a concerned citizen who feels his voice isn’t really being heard. He has written emails and letters to the DOT and municipalities trying to understand who is responsible for cleaning up this mess. Blame is placed on the homeless, but that… Read more →

Overlapping projects

DiverLaura is the character, Beneath the Looking Glass is the project. Please take a look at some of these offerings. Everything from “Don’t Feed the Tox-Ick Monster” www.tox-ick.org to what its like blundering a way as a freelance environmental videographer and science communicator. No group too small, I’m happy to fill out all the requisite paperwork and background checks to… Read more →

Follow up on Marine Disease Emergency Act

“Somewhere between the time you arrive, and the time you go … may lie a reason you were alive, but you’ll never know.” —Jackson Browne (HT Tracy R. for reminding me of this great line) Part of what makes me so excited about the Marine Disease Emergency Act (whether or not it actually passes) is that I feel, in a… Read more →

Crossing our fingers – Marine Disease Emergency Act

                I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this press release… Over the past year I’ve put a large part of my heart and soul into helping document this disease, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that our voices were heard, our efforts garnered the notice of… Read more →

MSNBC Seastar wasting syndrome

Ah drat, I really meant to get a teaser post written before the MSNBC seastar story went live but,  that’s life I guess when you are a bit too busy playing dress up in Duwamish trash on the weekends. A month or so ago my dear friend (and the producer of our Emmy winning documentary on Sea Otters vs Climate… Read more →

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