Adventures in Live Streaming 360video underwater with consumer cameras

When it comes to communicating from the underwater world, video is #1. Yes, I’ll agree that photos are more readily consumed, just a click, no slow internet lagging, etc… but to really share the experience, video rules supreme. The next step in this, for a more immersive experience is of course 360 “spherical” video. The world of UW 360 video… Read more →

Samsung Gear360 DIY housing cont

Tests tests tests… The proof of the pudding, as the old adage goes… That pretty first gasket? no joy. The most tenuous moment for any housing is the first foot of water, be it Puget Sound on in bucket in the bathtub. Next try (that I knew would likely only work to 10′) was the beautiful orange O-Rings that came… Read more →

My 360VR Journey

Last year, in addition to all my other video shenanigans, I became a bit obsessed with VR and utilizing it to tell a more immersive story about the underwater world of our precious Emerald Sea. There were some hold ups, though, technology is still kind of on the bleeding edge, both from a content production aspect and a consuming point… Read more →

A diving NERD at heart…

The Shearwater NERD. Seriously, this is the best thing to happen to dive computers and rebreathers …ever.  Especially if you are photographer or videographer.  I feel so strongly about this that I will go on record saying I think that they should be standard issue on all rebreathers. HUD’s or Heads up displays are the future of pretty much everything… Read more →

Just do it right: Underwater Tripod follies

Just do it Right.  I know, I know, I say that a lot, but usually it’s because unbeknownst to you my fine reader, I’ve wasted time and money doing it cheap or wrong or thinking I could reinvent a better wheel, etc… The latest case of admitting I was wanking around and should have just sucked it up is in… Read more →

Octopus Walking!?

Yesterday we got out to Cove 2, intent on surveying for biodiversity shift and seastar wasting disease.  It was our hope to document the baby green urchins that have become more common since the outbreak of Sea Star Wasting syndrome. Shortly after descent we were lucky enough to meet a Giant Pacific Octopus on walkabout (likely out hunting) and were… Read more →

Terramar Thermasense CS Base Layer

I recently picked up as set of Terramar Thermasense CS Base Layer for women in Purple Heather.  I almost didn’t buy them because of the name on the box alone.  I know it sounds like a ‘cute’ name, but honestly, to me “HOTTOTTIES” to delineate between the men’s and women’s was pretty much offensive. It took a bit of time… Read more →

Safety First and a tiny bit of scuba math

I’ve decided to post my thoughts on random subjects a bit more readily. I used to do that, I used to just blab away, without really a care in the world whether or not anyone gave a hoot what I was writing.  It was interesting and meaningful to me and that was ALL that mattered. Then I got all serious.… Read more →

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