Samsung Gear360 DIY housing cont

Tests tests tests… The proof of the pudding, as the old adage goes… That pretty first gasket? no joy.

img_5681The most tenuous moment for any housing is the first foot of water, be it Puget Sound on in bucket in the bathtub.

Next try (that I knew would likely only work to 10′) was the beautiful orange O-Rings that came with the Telesin dome ports. Being that my system did not have any method of “capturing” the o-ring; I fully expected it to extrude inward once launched to the briny depths.  Remember that impatience thing i mentioned?  Before i spent any more time on this endeavor, I needed to make sure that the imagery captured would be in focus.  I opted to test it out on the little observation pier near Salty’s on Alki during a higher high tide.   Results were promising….


Next up ‘deep test’, and not wanting to destroy a Samsung gear 3601, I mounted a gopo in waterproof housing inside the DIY housing.  This allowed me to capture some fun video from inside a failed housing.

img_5723Que up Amazon for the win!
Softer gasket material by the yard?? Overnight even! (of note having a leather hole punch was a super benefit) Bathtub one foot test successful. Next up pressure test drop (with gopro on the outside this time) Test drop x 2, #1 for a “no leak” confirmation and #2 A get camera eye on the depth guage to get a solid read on actual depth tested to. > 30′ yay!



Next up, a real dive!

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