HTC Vive on 2012 Mac Pro

UPDATE:  If you read nothing else i’ve posted, here is the trick i keep forgetting.   The number one thing i keep forgetting when i’ve had to reinstall etc.. is to enable the beta mode. Go to library -> tools -> SteamVR -> properties -> BETAS -> select the beta and then hit close. That has allowed me to run… Read more →

High Sierra headaches

As of December 25, 2017, my recommendation is this: Do not update to High Sierra, even on ‘approved’ legacy systems it can wreak endless amounts of near catastrophic issues (or catastrophic if you have no background in computer support and/or don’t backup your system regularly) that can and will slurp up hours of your time just trying to get your… Read more →

Apple Studio display review

I love editing.   There, I said it…. I know that makes me weird… I’m a shooter who also loves to edit.  That doesn’t mean I like to fritter away my time though. Editing has made me a better shooter.  When I look at something in post and think “oh man, if I’d just angled the camera this way or… Read more →

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