My Dad and Pokemon Go!

I always say my dad is 80-something years young.  He’s amazing, brilliant, wicked quick wit and always intensely curious and interested in the world around him, be it technology, people, current events, you name it!  To help him feel involved and part of what I’m doing, I regularly share whatever it is I’m up to, be it learning to shoot… Read more →

Daily list

Today’s list:   Did Pilates Washed dog (singular) Washed dog beds (plural) Found Triple-clamp Edited more Sustainability Talk videos Started website copywriting and design structure for client Pestered friends on FB with random post about AMA and gun violence research  Tested lighting ideas for Underwater 360video (will post results soon) Figured out that I could use Preview for a batch… Read more →

My 360 Journey #2

Next bit of learning… The only way to shoot more professional 360 video UNDERWATER with a pile of GoPro’s (six to be exact) is to make sure you get versions that have Protune option in setup. The ability to manually set exposure and color so that it does NOT auto correct is key to a good stitch. Don’t let anyone… Read more →

My 360VR Journey

Last year, in addition to all my other video shenanigans, I became a bit obsessed with VR and utilizing it to tell a more immersive story about the underwater world of our precious Emerald Sea. There were some hold ups, though, technology is still kind of on the bleeding edge, both from a content production aspect and a consuming point… Read more →

Dive Gear Review: Spyder-K01 8mm BIB hood

When I heard about the super stretchy K01 hood, I will admit to being skeptical.   A few years back I discovered the Waterproof 5/10 hood and thought for sure I’d found diving hood nirvana.  It is a fantastic hood but would get stiff over time (easily remedied by buying 2 or 3 at a time and retiring regularly).  I… Read more →

Of jet lag and fog horns

It is 7:30am, I sit here, sipping coffee from my favorite Batman mug.  I have been awake for some time now, to those of you who know, me I can see you reaching for the phone to call X files because some alien must have kidnapped me and has left a doppleganger in my place to gather information.  Put the… Read more →

Barcelona anyone? Mobile World Congress!

This topside trade show video thing is continuing to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Our successful work at New Mobility World in Frankfurt where I produced a number of videos for the Startup Zone brings truth to the old adage “work begets work”. Most recently I spent a week and a half with the team from House of… Read more →

Hello honey badger

Have you ever just wanted to throw your hands in the air and just say “no more comments on my FB posts”? Well, if that is the case, this nice gentleman has a quick way to allow this magical thing to occur until FB allows “no comment” in privacy. The only downside is that he makes you sign up with… Read more →

iPad Pro, Morpholio Trace and critters!

As I chase my ducks around trying to get things in line for upcoming fundraising campaign for Beneath the Looking Glass project, I was thinking of what kind of things I can give supporters at different award levels.   When creating videos for the project I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to trace a screen grab for an ‘info’ page… Read more →

Sharing Google Cardboard with my Dad

I scored a handful of Google Cardboards at the Seattle VR show a couple weeks ago.  The first thing i did was take a set over to show my 84 year old dad 🙂 He was stunned and delighted… I was stunned by how quickly he took to them and also delighted and I asked him to write down his… Read more →

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