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Wen scuba and hair collide

Hair.  Scuba. Long, short, long, short… It has been a cycle since I started diving back in 1990.  A orbit if you will that rotates around scuba diving.     1993 – long, 1995 – short, 2009 – long again, 2014 – short again… Sea, Salt, Sun, latex neck seals, highlights, coloring the grey… It all takes a toll, but… Read more →

Terramar Thermasense CS Base Layer

I recently picked up as set of Terramar Thermasense CS Base Layer for women in Purple Heather.  I almost didn’t buy them because of the name on the box alone.  I know it sounds like a ‘cute’ name, but honestly, to me “HOTTOTTIES” to delineate between the men’s and women’s was pretty much offensive. It took a bit of time… Read more →

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