Review: Les Schwab Tire Center West Seattle

So I tried to go diving today with Jan, but was rudely interrupted by a very low tire. Because I am my dad’s primary, i do his shopping, etc… I can’t have an unreliable vehicle so Daddy trumped Diving (thank you Jan for your understanding) and I filled up the tire with my trusty scuba adaptor and headed up the hill. A few of you might remember last year, my horror show experience with the Firestone on California ave. Well, I was debating whether or not to just hit a local fix-it shop or suffer through another tire shop. The conservative in me directed tire shop. I couldn’t see a nail so all bets for an easy repair were off, and I was fully resigned to buying new tires.
Enter Les Schwab on 3801 Southwest Alaska I called ahead, and they were like “Bring it right in!” I was fully expecting the get you in the door and then start the whole ‘you need this that and another thing’, along with ‘and that will take a few days”. I walked in the door ready to spring for a whole new set of tires and have to leave my car there till monday.
I walked out with “your valve was leaking so we replaced it and put on a patch so it shouldn’t give you any issues” 0$. Do I need new tires yet? “nope, check back in early 2015, or 3-4 months if you want to, here is a quote for 2 tires only since only your front’s are showing any real wear” Did you have a chance to peek at my brakes when you were in there? “they looked fine, we can check them again when you come back in” me: feeling a bit lost… Can’t I give you money for anything? “nope” <with a smile and a shrug>
Woah. They’ve got my future business. (and they even have my tires in stock)

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