Hoka One One day 3

I am on to day three of my new running shoes:  the Hoka One One Stinson Lite 

Stinson Lite by Hoka One One

Observations so far:

Knee doesn’t know its gone for a run, lower back/SI joint are responding favorably.

Quads and glues are like WTF?!   Apparently what I was doing at the gym is no where near the simplicity of ‘gone running’.   This has always been the case for me though, nothing gets me fit faster than a nice daily jog.

I’ve started out sort of slow, 3 mile runs max being as i’ve been all indoor on elliptical or stair monster for past 8 months.

Yay! New battery! (CR2025 in case you are wondering)

With a bit of perseverance I even changed the battery in my old Polar HR Monitor/watch.  I’d forgotten how cool the proximity sensor was.  I need to remember to increase the top end.  When sprinting intervals its kind of embarrassing to be beep beeping along when my HR gets over 158.




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