New running shoes

Hoka One One Stinson Lite 

After looking at my sad, crushed awesome pink running shoes and realizing that i can’t remember when i got them (and too lazy to look up my FB feed to find out) I came to the conclusion it’s probably time for some new running shoes.  Summer is coming to a close (I am not very motivated to run in hot weather) i’d been looking at thicker soled MBT shoes for a couple years – as a replacement for clogs in the Operating Room, but noted that they are not recommended for actual running.  That got me thinking though and I remembered back to my young young childhood when my dad’s self defense training coach (a guy named Mike Lee) had all the trainees get shoes with an extra layer of foam so as to reduce pounding when he had them run laps around green lake.  My dad equated them to running with pillows strapped to your feet.  That actually sounded good to my knee and lower back.  

Knee, what knee!  A decade or so ago I bashed up my knee a bit skiing (tibial plateau fracture – 9 weeks non weight bearing) and since then “no more marathons, no more long triathlons” per my orthopedic consult. “if you don’t get fat and don’t run more than a 10k ever again, you won’t need a total knee by the time you’re 40” were his exact-ish words. The knee thing kicked my hip angulation off a bit and aggravates a latent SI Joint issue (whine whine whine) which can handle only a bit of running, but tolerates the elliptical just fine.  

I love running (okay, maybe it qualifies more as jogging these days), I always have. I used to run to be fit,  run to think and clear my head, run to zone out. I was crushed by the news that I’d have to lay off. It was a life changing event. 

I don’t expect a pair of shoes to ‘fix’ things, but even after just one run I can ‘feel’ that there is a difference. The big pillowy soles cushion the shock enough that my SI and lower back don’t ‘protect’ and get stiff the way they tend to. We will see how stuff feels tomorrow 🙂 (just did a short 3 miles not gonna go overboard day one)

Stay tuned….

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