Ice Bucket Challenge, Puget Sound Style

Oooohh… I have an idea… Puget Sound is sick, and our pollution is what is making it sicker. If you’ve been watching any of my latest videos you can get a feel for what kind of sea monsters lurk in even ONE DROP!

So here is the Puget Sound version of the ice bucket challenge…

Donate $100 (or what you can) to a Puget Sound and Stormwater education program for kids and adults (like Sustainable West Seattle‘s Tox-Ick Monster or Pacific Marine Research Marine Science afloat program) OR… Dump a bucket of what will feel like ice cold, filled with sea monsters, Puget Sound water over your head (or for the ultimate challenge, go for a swim!)

If you don’t want to get tiny salty sea monsters in your hair, get a bucket of Duwamish River water OR donate to The Duwamish: A River For All campaign which has spokespeople such as Macklemore

Make sure to video it and share on Youtube, Instagram or Vine with ‘I love #mypuget‘ in the description and why you are doing it (building awareness for the health of Puget Sound)

Since I want everyone to participate, if you don’t have the $$ and really don’t want to dump a bucket of water over your noggin, there is a third option. Participate in a local cleanup or restoration effort and instagram a picture/video of you doing said work with #mypuget and #cleanupyourlocal

I would be happy to video shenanigans for you and your group 

To get things started, I nominate Rick RasmussenLamont GranquistDow Constantine and Tracy Record from West Seattle Blog <grin> Nominate your friends and lets make a beach party of it! — with Alberto J. Rodríguez.

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