Hello White Balance Canon C100

If you shoot a handful of different cameras you’ll find that most work generally the same.    Sometimes I run into a outlier.

I’ve been shooting the Canon C100 for a while now and generally will hit the auto white balance button with a white or grey panel and then dial it up and down a bit.   Now and then I decide to be overly clever and decide to custom WB.

What I noticed is “what the heck, this doesn’t act like the Canon 5DMK2 sitting right next to it.   Well, assuming you are not a goober like me, and you have already solved this please stop reading now.

Here’s what’s going on….

In the C100 Auto WB adjusts along the red blue and green magenta scales automatically.

Custom white balance only adjusts along red blue.

You can press for a single auto, then adjust your red blue, that’ll auto set the g/M adjustment.

Otherwise you must adjust your magenta/green manually yourself in picture styles.

Pray tell how to do this? Enter the picture profile and unprotect it if it has a lock, go into the white balance setting inside the picture profile and adjust it.

Seems to me Canon could improve this by allowing adjustment of both kelvin setting and G/M tint manually under the custom setting. Yanno, kind of like the 5DMK2.

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