Storm water season begins….

Have you ever wondered how all the water running along the streets during a rain storm looks to the fish? 

Time-lapse that our team shot off Alki Beach – Seattle, WA

This site is one of the storm water outfalls that our team is surveying for a project baseline ( We are looking at both the heavy plastics and debris on the bottom (which makes an underwater garbage patch) and the beach plastics that are far more prevalent after a heavy rain storm. Our hope is to enlist non-divers and divers in the surveys, grow public outreach, and using multi-media, share the necessity of encouraging storm water management ‘best practices’ that are imperative due to the impervious concrete jungle we have created. (no audio)

or if you like it with a bit more bass, try: (bassnectar version)

If you are curious about the number of outfalls, more info can be found here:

If you are interested in what you can do to be a part of the solution:

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