Spring ups and downs

Ah, spring… How we’ve missed thee… The weather warms up, diving is no longer a race to get from the sub zero wind lashed parking lot to the only slightly warmer water.

But with spring, something else departs.. (we couldn’t have it all, now could we) Visibility. Well, technically we have visibility, just not consistently good visibility. We are now well into the plankton cycle of spring.

By cycle i mean…. very bad vis, followed by worse vis, followed by coalescence of snot-balls, followed by surprisingly good vis between snot-balls, followed by OMG, I can’t see my light….

wash, rinse, repeat…. and repeat…. and repeat….

Its an excellent time to get out and start logging secchi disk data, as it would be very neat to not only get vis readings daily but maybe a snapshot of how the planktonic soup is looking (snot-ball, stringy, diffuse, etc…)

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