snow, ice and storm drains…

The Snow, the deep freeze, more snow, the melt and Stormdrains!  (yes, my favorite topic) They are all connected…  snow falls, ice freezes over the storm drains and then you have public pleas from the Mayor…

Seattle Mayor asking for our help!

All this water… its amazing isn’t it?    Rain, melt, streets becoming ponds.   The city has crews out clearing the drains, but this is bigger than that… they need our help…  80,000 drains?  holy crap!  If there was any question where the pollution into Puget Sound is coming from… 80,000 drains.

Stay tuned, we hope to be getting some more footage tomorrow of the monster… I’ll be wearing extra thick hood and heated undergarments as imagine the outflow is going to be WICKED cold!

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