Ocean Debris

one of the things i’m working on is called “beneath the looking glass project”.   Part of what i’m trying to show IS indeed the amazingly beautiful life growing on human trash.

The site that a recent video was taken at is called “the Alki Junkyard” and as a diver it becomes clear that there is a difference between ‘habitat’ and just plain garbage.

Like it or not, anything we put down there becomes habitat, be it healthy for the critters or not.  We need to educate people what is ‘ok’ to build habitats for marine life out of and what is just being selfish and discarding trash under the guise of ‘building a sanctuary’.   There are people doing it right, look at the wonderful underwater park built by Bruce Higgins in Edmonds…

I’m working to grow a ‘two pieces of trash’ movement that is not just underwater, but on the beach as well, because what is on the beach will end up underwater sooner or later, and maybe into the belly of a grey whale.

We hope to make educational videos discussing what is a ‘good’ home to a critter and what must be removed.

As stewards of this water planet, it is up to us to manage the debris that makes it into the ocean.

My hope with these videos is to help people fall in love with Puget Sound all over again, and then, as i did so many years ago, come to the vivid realization that we must do everything in our power to protect it…

people protect what they love…

but they must know it to love it.

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