iPad Pro, Morpholio Trace and critters!

As I chase my ducks around trying to get things in line for upcoming fundraising campaign for Beneath the Looking Glass project, I was thinking of what kind of things I can give supporters at different award levels.  

When creating videos for the project I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to trace a screen grab for an ‘info’ page for the videos to help the viewers see the critters.   One thing lead to another and I found Morpholio Trace in the App Store.   It’s a super simple program that does exactly what I need.   Occasionally I wish it did other things, and yes, I realize I could do a similar thing with a semi transparent layer in any of the drawing programs but Trace makes it just silly easy. 

I was incredibly lucky/spoiled and for my combined birthday/Christmas/Hannuka gift this year I got an iPad Pro.  The iPad pro is getting so close to perfect.  With the keyboard I can sit here and blog, with a stylus I can draw.  It is SO SO close to being a laptop replacement.  If I could actually edit on it with FCPX and connect it to a big fat fast external drive, well, I could see very readily doing some quick videos.   

So what does this all have to do with critters?  Here are a few done with Morpholio trace, Bamboo Stylus and iPad Pro.   I look forward to the Apple Pencil, but it is currently being manufactured out of Unobtanium, so I’m being ever so patient.  

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