Heat Holders thermal socks

Heat HoldersBecause how could I pass up a pair of hot pink fuzzy thermal socks?  This is me we are talking about…


Twice now whilst pursuing Outdoor Emporium I’ve grabbed these from the impulse rack on the way to the checkout line.  My best diving thermal sock for years has been the merino wool Teko heavyweight expedition sock.  Thick but not too thick, warm and snuggly.

Sometimes they need to be washed though, and I figured it would not hurt to have a spare pair of fluffy socks kicking around.   I’m also a bit OCD about my diving kit.  I need each layer, otherwise my boots slip a bit or my chest gets cold if i forget to zip my base layer.  Some of it I’m sure is psychological, but hey, I’ll play that game if it makes diving in Puget Sound more pleasant 🙂

On the rack, the pink socks seemed a bit odd, they don’t have the same meaty feel once on as the Merino Wool which just has a great density to it, but that could just be an impression based on the ultra fluffy feel on the inside.  Instead of the wooly loops that my feet are used to, these have been brushed to a cotton candy bliss, so you almost don’t feel them.  When I put my hand down and grab my feet, they ‘feel’ the same weight as the Teko’s but on my feet their feel light as a feather.

One thing I do really like about them so far is that they are not too tight on the top.  I layer a lot of stuff and when socks have an extra tight tube on top it can be a bit irritating.  I can imagine folks who don’t layer and take issue with socks that are not grabbing their legs like Chinese finger cuffs may not find these ideal.

The big test will be how they fit in my drysuit boots, and if they crush down just enough for a pleasant finning experience.   So far for kicking around in the house and writing blogs at my desk they seem ok, so even if they don’t fit in the drysuit, they will have a purpose in life.

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