Nicholas Weise, from Seattle School of Diving posted this today on my Facebook Page…

heya, tell any trash gatherers that I’ll give them free airfills. honor system. if people are dedicating a dive to removing trash I will gladly give air fills. o2 clean w/ banks. <see Facebook page for the phone number>. appointment only, but I’m super flexible on that. a mile east of 405 in kirkland. I am expecting a fedex shipment tommorrow morning with a fifty foot fill whip, so no need to even lug the suckers out of the car. nice for doubles. I have hauled too many tanks in life – the fill whip will really make me smile

Talk about seriously awesome and generous! ¬†Honor system kids, we want to keep this available, because it is donations like this that will allow more folks to come out and do cleanups! ¬†(air fills are like money but better, cause you can’t spend it on latte’s)

HUGE THANKS to Nicholas our air fill angel in Kirkland!

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