Duckboats, Secchi disks and PB&J

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow!  Neal Chism, the kind gentleman who has been making secchi disks for our project and single handedly cleaning up the Duwamish waterway,  has invited me out for a lunch time trash tour and to get a look at one of the bigger CSO outflows.  This is the outflow that gets its runoff from literally ALL over Seattle.  West Seattle (obviously) but less obvious is south as far as Boeing Field N.  and as far East as Lake Washington (Leschi area).  I’ll be taking both video and still, so stay tuned for a possible video of the adventure.  I promise to keep it short and sweet.

In addition to that, I’ll be picking up a couple more disks for the stationary secchi stations.  I hope to get out with the help of some sciency types on Friday a.m. and figure out if the pilings selected will be logical installation sites.

This will give us  2 stationary Disks for easy ‘one team’ readings and 4 or 5 disks set up for horizontal readings (diver to diver)  and one vertical system.    If your dive club or group has an interested in participating, let me know and we can get together and chat about the details!  The more the merrier!

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