C100 + eclipse

Yes, I stayed up late/early for this.  I am now paying the price, but its kinda cool to have some eclipse footage in my library 🙂

I spent a couple hours over on the water shooting slow mo with the new-to-me FS700 that arrived on Thursday, but when it came time to shoot the eclipse, I brought out the ‘big guns’ (baby big guns if compared to other canons of its line, but in my kit…) for low light capabilities and was not disappointed.

I was able to shoot the moon in the C100’s native ISO which means the footage had almost no noise (and any noise it does have looks more like a pretty film grain).

April 4/4/2015 seen from West Seattle

Canon C100, PP – C-log
Canon 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 zoomed to 400 and 300
Atomos Ninja Blade
Shutter Speed: 1/48, ISO 850, F4.5-5.6


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