Best mask for CCR

So you’ve gone and done it…  You made the leap and upgraded your kit to include a CCR.

I was hard headed, as I tend to be about things, and figured that my low volume mask would be fine.  It’s small, and a bit tunnel-vision-y but if I wear it low I can see my HUD (Heads Up display), or at least one of the blinky lights (I make sure its the important one that tells me when I can ascend).

After a run of filming project dives that were appropriate for OC, I’m back on the CCR and figured that it was time.  Time to eschew the small volume mask and to be really “DIR” (doing it right) and use the tool for the job.

I spent a few hours on the CCR with my new mask this past weekend, working as UW grip.  I will not go back to my small tunnel vision low volume mask unless absolutely necessary.  why was I torturing myself with that?

I am trying two masks, will do a full review after I’ve dove them both.

The first is the Atomic Subframe

The second being the Tilos Excel

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