Behind again…

I guess that means I’ve been busy, which is a good thing!

Stay tuned for upcoming updates, posts and requests for participation:

I am looking for volunteers to be interviewed for “The Sound of our Elders” a series of vignettes. It is my hope to conduct interviews with people who have grown up in the Puget Sound region or moved here when they were young who recognize some of the changes that have occurred over a 40-50 year span. I’m looking for anything really that might relate to the environment and illustrate gently (or ferociously) how things have changed (good/bad/ugly) in their life span. An example could be something as simple as recounting trips to Vashon Island in the summer to dig clams (not something you’d do now) or the clean up of Lake El-Stinko (Lake Washington and it’s stinky sewage history). Our elders are a wealth of information and will help us recognize the sliding baseline for what it is, but we must get that info recorded via tape or film before it’s too late. None of us are getting any younger.

Bringing the UW world to a classroom near you! Via live dives with a Scuba Diver and OpenROV underwater robot, utilizing live streaming technology we hope to foster enthusiasm in youth (and adults alike) to explore and learn more about the Salish Sea by providing curriculum and engaging multi media experience.

It’s stormwater season again, I’m available to give presentation to pretty much anyone who will listen, no group too small.

What it was like working as UW grip/talent wrangler on the Arrows video

Exploring a bit of cold war history with the Travel Channel – AC/UW Lighting

Even if you’ve got a great idea, getting starting making a film isn’t easy, discussion of “The Place” a story of the Elwha Nearshore

Messaging, story, messaging. This will be a multi-part discussion about how I’ve learned to optimize the process when a non-profit comes to you for creative work. Hopefully other filmmakers and non-profits can learn from my mistakes and we can get more great stories about the work of the numerous non-profits up and down Puget Sound.

Seastar Wasting Disease – Still ongoing. Let’s look towards the future and see if together we can get the Emergency Marine Disease Act passed 🙂

Paying forward some of the cool things I’ve learned attending local science conferences… Things like why we NEED to push for tertiary treatment in our wastewater treatment facilities. Puget Sound needs it!

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