1000’s of reasons to help us Take Back Puget Sound!

7 simple solutions… not hard ones, not even big ones or expensive ones.. .

7 simple actions that each of us can take to help reduce the flow of polluted runoff into puget sound…

7 simple ways that you can learn about at www.tox-ick.org  and how we can all join together…  Its time to “Take Back Puget Sound!”

I’d like to see it taken back about 200 years, before mans influence with an influx of industry became quite so evident and those who where here lived in harmony and their presence was made invisible to Puget Sound by the forest they lived in and cared for.

Maybe we can live invisibly again…  with the advances of Green Infrastructure (rain gardens, bioswales, green roofs, pervious pavement) that mimics the ideal (the forest) perhaps if we work hard enough at reducing our own output of pollution and we can build enough Green Infrastructure (both privately and commercially),  we can create an invisibility cloak if you will for the city and from the eyes of the inhabitants of Puget Sound we are but a forest on its shores.



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