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As part of Virtual Salish See, I’m working extensively on my virtual avatar educator and diving simulation experiences.

Thanks to the team at Marine Imagine Technology I have access to some of the most amazing undersea photogrammetry on the plant, and we are getting closer to the dream of building a tool that will delight both non divers and professional divers alike.  Imagine being able to visit a shipwreck or archeologically relevant site before you are ever there.  Improve awareness and efficacy on surveys by knowing the lay of the land ahead of time.  Be able to more readily recognize where you are on a shipwreck.   There are teams capturing beautiful photogrammetry of shipwrecks and places with cultural or historical relevance, and I hope to build a platform that could be utilized by these teams as well, as a way to share their amazing work with the world beyond just a link to a Sketchfab model.

If the Ocean is a reflection of us, as humanity, are we happy with what we see? I invite you to follow me beneath the looking glass… These will be non-scientific observations of a wild, wonderful world that is being dramatically altered by our every day choices.

Every time you look in the mirror, ask yourself, were as many of those choices good for the Ocean (and the planet at large) as could have been? Did I use use reusable, did I recycle and/or use recycled products? Did i do the best i could, and how can i do better tomorrow? Can I fix a small part of what has come before? Can I at least try?

I realize that ‘fixing’ the damage that has already occurred is probably not possible, but we must try.

At very least we can limit our continuing contribution, at very best make an impact on that which has come before… Proactive Reclamation and Hyperlocal Environmental Activism are our strongest weapons in the fight to protect our beautiful Puget Sound.

By documenting and sharing the underwater world i hope to expand peoples awareness…

People protect what they love, but they must know it to love it.


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